The Casual and The Chic

Some days we like to dress so casually and don’t care if we’re heading to a party or even a date and some days we turn into fashionistas deeply investing ourselves in planning our look from head to toe.

Because this is exactly what happens to me all the time. I have days when I go from just wearing anything to days when I am critically deciding what to wear.

So this weekend I have decided these two outfits, and as the title of this blog post suggests,  one is my casual look and the other is a stylish and chic one.

Look 1

The First look is a basic T – shirt and pants with sneakers (because I always prefer comfort)






Look 2

The second look is a basic white T-shirt with brown trousers and a belted scarf with black platforms.



Become an Efficient Buyer

” I have nothing to wear”

Isn’t it something you said last week, yesterday or even thinking right now. Being a girl this statement always hits us whenever we’re to attend an event, plan a weekend or being bored of the clothes we have. All we think is to go shopping and splurge on new clothes and clearly leave yourself broke for the rest of the month.

Considering this mess, I am here to give you some tips and tricks that you can apply when you go shopping next time and that may avoid a hole in your pocket, making you an efficient buyer.

  1. Color Quality – Know the quality of colors.

For Example : The color black may have different shades so it may confuse you with its texture. Always go for a strong shade of black.


For other colors, choose wisely, don’t pick a color that is very bright and looks almost neon.

2. Details – Being limited with funds, I don’t always go for brands. Rather, my trick is giving attention to the details.

  • check stitching of the product, poorly stitched product will automatically be seen as a low quality item.
  • quality of buttons, buckles, chains, beads etc attached to a product.
  • texture/material of the fabric used should be good, it shouldn’t be very thin, faded or old looking.




3. Finding the twin – You saw a pair of pants online and you don’t want to pay extra money for just a pair  of pants, instead try looking for a similar looking pants which gives almost the same look when you wear them.

(this trick can be applied to clothes, shoes or accessories)


4. Deciding in Advance – Being a style hunter, I am always on a lookout of styling clothes differently, so I decide my looks in advance.

And while shopping, when you buy a piece of clothing and decide in advance with which you’ll style it, it can save you a lot of time and money as you won’t have to buy anything extra to match with it or waste time thinking what to wear with it.

Happy Shopping Guys & Thank you for reading.

The Fusion Look

We all like to experiment with different clothing styles so why not mix the western and ethnic pieces to give some quirk to our overall look.

Keeping this in mind, I created an Indo-western fusion look by pairing this fusion kurti with blue denims. I bought this kurti almost 4 months ago and I decided I’ll style it in a fusion way and got quite stubborn that the first time I’ll be wearing it will be for one of the blog posts(even though at that time I didn’t even started my blog).

Enjoy the pictures.

blog 1


And when the clouds came…………………….

IMG_2776-(1)-compressorblog 7blog-9-compressorblog-8-compressor


Your can wear this kurti in different ways for different occasions such as ::

1. As a formal look

You can pair the kurti with leggings and for footwear you can go for loafers or ballerinas.

2. As a day out look

Pair the kurti with jeans and sneakers making it a casual comfy outfit.

3. As a dress

You can wear this kurti as a dress also with sneakers or brogues.

Thank your for reading.



Kurti and beige flats from a local store + jeans from Roadster (buy it here)


Lessons learned after reading The Subtle art of not giving a Fck

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I recently read the book ” The Subtle art of not giving a Fck ” and it is a practical guide to living a more focused and happy life. The book contains lots of examples and lessons considering the today’s generation’s self made problems and entitlements. The book gives a clear idea on what we should be focusing on and frees us of all the fairy tale, glittery thoughts we think about ourselves and compelling us to choose what is important and worth our time and energy.


1. Priorities

In this era of multiple inevitable distractions, we need to make our minds focus on the things that matter to us and which ultimately result in prosperity of our mind and soul.

The author tells us the importance of choosing our priorities and avoiding temporary distractions which create unnecessary mess in our lives.

2. What are you willing to struggle for?

Everyone aspires those perfect, shiny famous lives, but how many are actually willing to go through the sacrifice and struggle behind those dreams.

This question compels us to think if we’re really ready to do all the struggle behind achieving something. For what we are willing to suffer.

3. Taking Responsibility

Only we are responsible for all the things happening in our lives. We need to manage our emotions when dealing with a  positive or negative event because ultimately we’re the ones affected by it. Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, we are the ones responsible to react towards that event.

4.  Rejection/Saying No

” The art of choosing a value for yourself requires rejecting alternative values”

This lesson implies our choices in setting our goals, values, and emotions.  If we want to commit to a single value, career, emotion or decision we need to eliminate the distraction of other value, career, emotion and decision.

5. Commitment

Commitment means to decide our values and emotions. Committing to one  value, career, relationship gives us the opportunity to focus on the important and align our actions for the benefit of ourselves and the people connected to us.

6. We’re going to die

We are all going to die someday and the one thing that will be left behind is our LEGACY.

What we have contributed to this world will be remembered not out emotions, insecurities, judgments. Keeping this in mind, we need to choose our devotion, we need to start living for the things that matter because one day it will be too late to start over.

Thank you for reading.